Eva Marie

Embodying pure love

Hi There,

I’m Glad You Found Me…

my name is eva-marie
multidimensional empathic soul & love rebel
I use deep recognition and intuitive gifts
to flourish with mystical embodiment 
source connection and my own purity
for more love and possibility

Eva Marie

When we meet

We Both Recalibrate

An intention is added that shapes what then materializes. We possess this power and have forgotten. Someone like me holds the space for you to remember that you are in control. 


You are invited to let healing be
through your own self-healing ability
feel unconditional presence
compassion and unsayable love
wounded ego to soul esteem
as a spark of infinity

I model new ways of working
with the body and nature
feeding rather than fighting
light, holism, truth and empowerment
as fully human and fully divine
the new embodied human

Eva Marie
Eva Marie

Infinite Possibilities

A World of Difference

"Eva helped me achieve breakthroughs and restructure multiple areas of my life that were previously draining me: from my unhealthy relationship with sugar to not having any boundaries with the people in my life. Her methods go deep and give fast results."

Ivana Carter, Dublin, Ireland