Space Clearing

Power Up Your Personal Space


As a child I was tormented by the influence of people and things, non-physical without a body. I discovered through my own healing journey that I could actually embody my own purity more strongly and just send them to the light.

This turned out to be a tremendous gift and so now I’m happy to clear anything that doesn’t belong so I, and others, can be happy and free to be.

Eva Marie

“Mystical Superpowers Undo Transmute and Generate”

Purify any unwanted energies so you can own your space and have only what you want in it.


Create a more spacious inner world where we can witness and feel the impact of events occuring in the world. Helping us to undo and transmute the energetic field of toxic emotions and thoughts so that we can establish and anchor in more higher frequencies of freedom, love and togetherness, and harness tools to come to clear, holistic perspective, so that we can mindfully attend to global events with an embodied awareness.

Dreaming a new reality with a whole new positive future timeline for all beings and our planet.