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Global network of people who are ready for the Power of Love to change everything!

You are invited to let healing be and welcomed into our collective healing power up events, to embody pure love direct; your own source connection, highly intelligent and adaptive aspects of the divine, empowered, badass, awakened feminine energies alive in you!

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Clear blocks aDd light

7 Powers: Mystic Flame Of Light- 7 Steps (7 weeks total 7 hours) presents mystical-meets-practical style of self-knowledge and the powers of the ego.  Deeper alignment with your own source connection and purity, together with community that light each other up on the gold frequency network of pure love direct; mystical law- not two, human AND divine high voltage! Restoring our original femininity and masculinity.

Eva Marie

... and love steps in

A World of Difference

"Eva is a being with unique energy and energetic gifts- her ancestral bloodline has given her innate talents, and her spirit is taking her to the next level of imparting divine guidance."

Lucy Cavendish, Author of The Oracle Tarot, and White Magic, Co-projects with Deepak Chopra & Chakradance