Headstart Academy
The Bahamas

Where brilliant minds begin

Educational Facility For Underprivileged Kids 

Guardianship of the Earth. Dream more powerful patterns rooted in self-reliance, sustainability and resilience. Deleting the frequencies which regard early years education and increased opportunity for those who have advantage only, creating more equality for our schools.

Eva Marie

Joy and Excitement

Discovery and wonder

A cultural relationship of veneration and respect, in relation to land and indigenous peoples and the reestablishment of educational facility for local community. 

Nature food community

The design and development of an organic farm on local land and soil deemed not fit for purpose grew the first genuine farm and restaurant catering farm-to-table dining and farm-to-preschool organic lunches program in The Bahamas.

You harness what seems to go against the grain in support of something greater, then let the problems be overwritten by living in the solutions and see it fall away. Others are influenced by your example and get inspired in their own unique way. People ignite miracles in the dark.

Eva Marie

A New Dawn

A World of Difference

"I have had plenty of teachers over the years and thought the process was fairly 'predictable'. Eva confounded all expectations and former ideas with her unique mix of exercise with insight, and physicality with spirituality; she clearly has a special healing gift and an ability to 'read' people which is very striking and rare. I have been suffering with chronic fatigue for nearly two years and it was only under Eva's guidance that this has finally begun to shift; not just in the body but in the mind. It is as if 'positivity' is part of the package on offer, transmitted to clients along with rigorous, intelligent and thoughtful practice."

Eileen Horne, UK